TRP Solution

If you understand the cause of your condition (mouth breathing, TMJ pain, malocclusions, Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders…), would you prefer to treat the symptoms or directly address the underlying cause of your health issue?

Dr. Mauclaire, the orthodontist who invented the TRP, understood this well by observing the numerous benefits of the TRP in his patients.

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​That is why at Tongue Lab, we directly address the root cause of these issues: lingual dysfunctions.

With the TRP, treat your issues related to lingual dysfunction!

Tongue Lab offers an innovative alternative: the TRP (Tongue Right Positioner).

The TRP is a therapeutic medical device as it directly addresses the root cause of the issues, which is the tongue. It is designed to rehabilitate the tongue so that it can regain and maintain its physiological position and muscle tone. Hence its name, the TRP, Tongue Right Positioner. The TRP is currently protected by three international patents.

An elegant and non-restrictive device

“The device is not bothersome
in the mouth and it is very discreet.”

Aurélien, a patient who underwent the TRP treatment.

The TRP is a custom-made oral device worn only on the upper jaw. It is easy to use, insert, and remove. It is placed just before bedtime and does not prevent speaking, drinking, or swallowing saliva during sleep. The correction of lingual dysfunctions progresses without disturbing the wearer. The device is discreet, comfortable, easy to carry, and use. It is elegant and sophisticated.

The TRP works throughout the entire night of sleep, a duration longer than what patients could dedicate to their treatment during the day. It requires little effort compared to daily rehabilitation exercises. The TRP can also be worn during the day without being restrictive, during household chores or computer work. In this way, the TRP becomes an accessory for good habits rather than a tool to constrain patients.

Targeted and effective action

Its mode of action is simple: the TRP continuously stimulates the natural reflex of raising the tongue using its sensory-motor properties. This helps reprogram its functions and positions.

The tongue perceives the device as a foreign object and will rise to press it against the palate, attempting to push it out from the front. However, since the device is held in place by the teeth, the tongue continues to push and spread, effectively closing the pathway of mouth breathing. It develops the habit of the physiological position: resting against the perimeter of the palate.

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A unique and innovative device

The TRP is unique. Unlike other oral devices, it stimulates and induces tongue reflexes and guides it to perform and acquire its natural functions and positions, rather than simply preventing or inhibiting the consequences of dysfunctions.
As a result, the TRP addresses the cause rather than the symptoms of pathologies related to lingual dysfunction, leading to a real and lasting transformation.

The TRP is the world’s first device to enable the automatic and reflexive rehabilitation of lingual functions during nighttime. It is the first device that allows for a curative rather than palliative treatment of sleep apnea.
Frédéric VANPOULLE, physiotherapist.

There is not only one lingual dysfunction.

Here are a few examples: a strong and pulsatile tongue can push the incisors forward. A tongue that spreads too much on the sides can interfere between the teeth and prevent the molars from erupting. A low tongue position can promote mouth breathing and often retract into the mouth, narrowing the pharynx and obstructing the passage of inhaled air. A flaccid tongue can accumulate fat, increase in volume, sag backward, and cause snoring or sleep apnea.
The TRP is the only device in the world that can be adjusted to act as constraint or stimulation, at the front, middle, or back of the tongue. This allows for personalized treatment.

Multiple and progressive effects for a harmonious face and long-lasting good health.

“I recognize my patients! They have good posture
swallow well, and keep their mouths closed.”

Dr Mauclaire, orthodontist

The beneficial effects of the TRP can occur rapidly for some and gradually for others :
​Corrected swallowing will stabilize the position of the teeth and provide the benefits of orthodontic treatments without lifelong retention.
The tongue lifted to the palate, promoting nasal breathing. This can have indirect effects on respiratory infections (including COVID) or oral conditions (such as cavities, gingivitis), allergies, etc.
A revitalized tongue will resist the backward pull during inspiration and thus address snoring, sleep apnea, and aspiration issues.

Through its combined actions, the TRP can induce lasting effects on appearance and aesthetics: smile, posture, radiance… day and night, with silent and restorative sleep. Being happy with your appearance and feeling good in your body increases self-confidence.

An environmentally friendly and well-tolerated device

By addressing the root cause, the TRP is temporary. It has no severe or long-lasting adverse effects. It does not exert any pressure on the face, tongue, teeth, or jaw. Therefore, there is no bone displacement. This is also what sets the TRP apart from other devices used to treat these conditions.

“Le TRP est un stimulus pour la langue et ne modifie pas l’occlusion.”

Dr. Suzuki

Its size, materials, and mode of action make it an “environmentally friendly” device: it weighs only a few grams of biocompatible materials, it does not consume energy during use, and it does not require regular replacement.

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